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Attached or removed in only a FEW minutes!!!!
Tow-pac Trike kits allow your motorcycle the handling of a conventional motorcycle.

What advantages does InstaTrike offer over other trike systems?
Priced thousands less, InstaTrike offers all of the advantages and stability of a conventional trike while completely conserving your motorcycle and giving a smooth stable ride.
  • Very fast installation and removal for the trike or bike experience
  • No modification to stock motorcycle frame or drivetrain
  • Completely removable for easier resale of motorcycle
  • No loss of ground clearance
  • Independent wheel suspension and adjustability
  • Flat stable cornering
  • Trike stability with much smoother ride
  • Full access to stock saddlebags
  • Easily installed by the consumer
  • Available for over 100 makes and models of motorcycles
  • Minimal impact on fuel economy
  • Available in standard 8 inch wheel or deluxe 12 Aluminum wheel package

InstaTrike has been reengineered for even faster attachment and removal

  • Newly redesigned wheel height adjusters allow your trike's ride and handling to be adjusted in seconds
  • Newly redesigned attachment points allow initial setup and alignment to be much easier and versatile
  • Integrated trailer mount allows for easy, quick, and secure attachment of common motorcycle trailers

12 inch aluminum wheel - $3899.00
8 inch standard wheel - $3199.00
Pricing does not include shipping and handling.

As an OPTION Blackburns Trikes is the EXCLUSIVE DEALER for the Insta-trike LED turn signal tail light option.


You can't get this option ANYWHERE but..

LED regular light w/o wiring harnesses $159.00
With Wiring harness $189.00


Trike stability in our smallest package yet

  • designed for scooters under 150cc
  • independent wheel adjustable suspension
  • trike like stability
  • bolt on installation
  • lightweight

8 inch standard wheel only - $1495.00

Pricing does not include shipping and handling.


Offers the safety, stability, and comfort of a conventional trike to the scooter community
  • Fast, secure, bolt-on installation does not alter scooter frame or drive train
  • Independent wheel suspension and adjustability
  • Lightweight
  • is available in standard 8 inch wheel or deluxe 12 aluminum wheel package

12 inch aluminum wheel - $3399.00
  8 inch standard wheel - $2699.00
Pricing does not include shipping and handling.

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We have EVERYTHING you need to create, dress-up, and pack up your Trike / Bike for the open road.

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